Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween Everybody!

The BEST caramel I have ever had.!
A pumpkin patch I spied through the corn maze.

Getting pumpkins with my sister. YAY1 I love you Code!

Well it's here, Halloween! Happy Halloween to all, and to all a Happy Halloween! I thought I would do
a compendium of my October. :) The first few shots with me and my little makeshift jar lantern are in a neighbors corn field. The next few are my sister and a friend at a corn maze and pumpkin farm. -The best caramel apples and apple cider I have ever had. The place we went to also had all these fun games like, "Catapult Pumpkin" and "Ducky Derby" to name a few. All of which we did a large number of times. So much fun! The ones after that, are me again in a neighbors field playing with the beautiful moonlight and my double exposure setting. All in all, a really good month. And, today I started (finally)
training my horse Moses. I haven't ridden a horse in quite sometime, so ridding him today was a dream.
Happy Halloween Everyone and Happy October!

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