Monday, October 25, 2010

Dreaming with Feathers

I really like this photo shoot. I took quite a while, cause everything just wasn't working out.
But, it all worked out in the end. Every time (almost) I go walking and find a feather I always
put them in this jar. A few years ago my cat got into the can where I was storing my horde
and ate all them, hence the jar, that is stored in a drawer. ;D I made the dress for a mini movie
clip I'm working on. I am totally in love with it. The "tattoo" is an idea I've been toying with
for a while. It's not an actual tattoo, I drew it on last night. :) Hope you guys like the shoot.


  1. love. love the feathers in a jar. love that last pic. so fun!!

  2. I love your photos! And you are too cute for words :) Thanks for leaving the sweet comment on twitter about my blog. I'll definately be back to visit yours as much as i can :)