Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween Everybody!

The BEST caramel I have ever had.!
A pumpkin patch I spied through the corn maze.

Getting pumpkins with my sister. YAY1 I love you Code!

Well it's here, Halloween! Happy Halloween to all, and to all a Happy Halloween! I thought I would do
a compendium of my October. :) The first few shots with me and my little makeshift jar lantern are in a neighbors corn field. The next few are my sister and a friend at a corn maze and pumpkin farm. -The best caramel apples and apple cider I have ever had. The place we went to also had all these fun games like, "Catapult Pumpkin" and "Ducky Derby" to name a few. All of which we did a large number of times. So much fun! The ones after that, are me again in a neighbors field playing with the beautiful moonlight and my double exposure setting. All in all, a really good month. And, today I started (finally)
training my horse Moses. I haven't ridden a horse in quite sometime, so ridding him today was a dream.
Happy Halloween Everyone and Happy October!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Dreaming with Feathers

I really like this photo shoot. I took quite a while, cause everything just wasn't working out.
But, it all worked out in the end. Every time (almost) I go walking and find a feather I always
put them in this jar. A few years ago my cat got into the can where I was storing my horde
and ate all them, hence the jar, that is stored in a drawer. ;D I made the dress for a mini movie
clip I'm working on. I am totally in love with it. The "tattoo" is an idea I've been toying with
for a while. It's not an actual tattoo, I drew it on last night. :) Hope you guys like the shoot.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Owed To Indian Summer

Here is my owed to the beautiful Indian Summer we experienced this weekend. (today)
It got up to 86 today, which I would normally hate. But, with everyone harvesting around
here, stirring up the dust, and with the beautiful color of the light, I just had to do a photo shoot.
I actually really like it. Which, I normally don't like anything I do. So it was all good. A
happy day. Here's to you, "Indian Summer".

Live & Conquer

So, it's been a whole week since I opened Live & Conquer! Wow. After nearly a year, it's launched.
It's been a little dry around here because I've been slowing coming back to life, after about 3 weeks
of getting 4-6 hours of sleep each night. :) Here's a few photos from the three photo shoots I did
for the shop. It was supposed to be only one, but, I wasn't really liking anything I did. But,
it all worked it's self out. :)