Monday, November 29, 2010

Winter In The City

My sister lives downtown now (sad face.) But, for the last few years we've made a habit of going to the Kris Kringle Market in downtown Chicago. We went a little earlier this year, to take a gander at all the goodies and have a good old time. It was one of those perfect wonderful days. The atmosphere was full of Christmas and the Holidays. It was all making me drunk and swoon. We even saw this older guy feeding the pigeons, and they were sitting on his hand! So glad I my camera! I wish a had a piece of bread through. :) Also the night before I put all the Christmas music I had back on my ipod and listened four hours of it on the train going downtown. So, that was my weekend.


  1. beautiful photos!!! really gets you all warm inside ready for Christmas :)


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  2. these are amazing!! you should put them on! i'd totally use them :)

    and i love your most recent portraits - as usual, brilliant!!!

    merry christmas!!