Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A November Afternoon

This idea for a photo shoot popped into my head yesterday. I was about to do it, but thought better of it, as we had tornado warnings, and an actual tornado touched down just a few miles from our house! So, I thought I would save it for today. ;D The last photo was definitely the most "interesting", I set up my tripod outside my window, then took a bucket of water and thew/dumped it onto the window, then climbed back into my room to find that most of the water was now in my room then.... OOPS's. I was on my floor. All the while my cat and dog watching me from my bed, most likely worrying about my sanity. It was also extremely cold today! (not that, that really matters.) The last photo didn't turn out exactly the way I wanted it, but I was a little too cold to be my normal anal self. ;) The first 2 photo were to make up the the last one not being up to par.

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  1. That dress looks cute! Love the photos :)